The ITS-Hackathon

Together with dbmindbox, we organize our ITS Hackathon once a year. In this format, the participants work together with us on the digitalization of traffic and develop new approaches and programs. At an ITS Hackathon, people meet who are crazy, curious, open, enthusiastic, eager to experiment, motivated and persistent enough to work hard and creatively on a topic for 24 hours.

The participants of the Hackathon are a motley crew, working together on software and hardware, learning from each other and expanding their skills.
Clear advantages for all participants:

  • The hacker community benefits from the data and APIs provided by the sponsors.
  • Our sponsors benefit by supporting the hacker teams and helping to implement their ideas.

Through the cooperation of both sides, new, concrete business models can be created in a short time.

The 3rd ITS-Hackathon on the topic "AI meets ITS" took place on November 1st and 2nd, 2019 in Hammerbrooklyn. You can find the review here.