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Room for new logistics ideas

With the format "open.innovation", the LIHH brings forward new ideas from the network every year. At the Barcamp-like event, the visitors set the agenda. At the beginning, everyone has the same opportunity to place their topics and to inspire those present. If this has worked out, the work starts immediately: Together with the LIHH network of logistics, science, IT and start-ups, the topics are further sharpened at the event under the guidance of our experienced coaches.

CSR in logistics
Description: Through a blockchain-supported app, topics such as gratitude and sustainability are to be anchored in the corporate context and enable users to trade in/exchange services.
Goal: More gratitude in everyday working life

Environmental passport
Description: Environmentally driven decision-making basis for the selection of business partners.
Goal: Transparency as well as avoidance of emissions in the company

Logistics game
Description: Creation of a realistic logistics game
Goal: Joint processing of logistics challenges a la Minecraft

Urban goods transport by drone
Description: White label urban hub for urgent courier drone services.
Goal: Relieve traffic, new business model options for logistics DL.

One Driver, many happy customers
Description: app for loading zone management, neutral microhub management and B2C communication.
Goal: Relieve traffic in inner cities

Logistics Inquiry Wizard
Description: Automation of typical, everyday logistics requests using AI and RPA.
Goal: 70% of the activities automated, rest clarified by humans

Platformless freight exchange
Description: Open, secure marketplace for logistics services.
Goal: Establish transparency and cooperation, cost savings.

An overview of the topics pitched so far at "open.innovation" since 2019 can be found here.

Since 2019, the Innovation Roadmap Logistics (IRMA) has been developed at LIHH. The format "open.innovation" is a major impetus for the roadmap and ensures an annual update. The Barcamp gives the LIHH the opportunity to place the ideas from the network at the centre of innovation efforts and to view them in a local as well as global context by means of IRMA.

About the IRMA project


With the format "open.innovation", the LIHH brings forward new ideas from the network every year. An ideal opportunity to position yourself as an innovative mastermind in the network. Please address any requests for sponsoring to Stefanie Giesenkirchen!


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