Brunsbüttel Ports GmbH in Germany is owner and operator of the three Ports of Brunsbüttel, in particular the Elbehafen, where more than 11,5 million tons of cargo are handled each year. The Elbehafen Brunsbüttel is a Multi-Purpose Port in the Metropolitan Area of Hamburg for Bulk cargo, General cargo, Liquid cargo and Project cargo.
Brunsbüttel Ports GmbH also operates the Port of Glückstadt, Rendsburg Port (the heavy duty Port in the middle of the Kiel-Canal) and terminals of industrial customers within the Port of Hamburg.
The Service portfolio includes for example:
-    Cargo Handling, Transport, Storage
-    Contract-and Project Logistics
-    Heavy-Lifts, Offshore Logistics
-    Consultancy, Engineering

Brunsbüttel Ports GmbH
25541 Brunsbüttel
Tel: +49-4852.884 - 0
Fax: +49-4852.884 - 26