chemcoastpark stade


The chemcoastpark stade is a strong consortium of industrial, energy and logistic companies around the Dow factory in Stade. Attractive industrial and commercial location offers in the region and integration into existing value chains and material flows provide ideal conditions for companies at Stade as well as greenfield developments. Local companies benefit from service offerings such as industrial services, fire department, protection or disposal. Expert support provide the business development agencies of the Hanseatic city and the district Stade plus the Süderelbe AG. As a partner of the Chemical Industry and the Northern German cluster initiatives chemcoastpark stade eV is well-connected and participates in the innovative developments of the CFK Valley Stade e.V..

At chemcoastpark stade the Süderelbe AG work with their project partners Dow Chemical Company Ltd, evb - railway and transport company Elbe-Weser Ltd., district of Stade and Hanseatic city of Stade. The aim is to secure and long-term strengthening of the industrial site Stade, raise the added value and increase employment by creating new jobs in the course of sustainable development and attracting new businesses.

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