NORDGATE The gate to the Hamburg metropolitan region

Six towns and municipalities north of Hamburg have been offering their industrial real estate together since 2008. Each has the same location advantages: proximity to the A7 Autobahn as well as a direct connection to Hamburg’s airport and sea ports.

In NORDGATE, investors and enterprises will find more than one million square metres of industrial real estate that is available now. Here they will profit from customer-friendly one-stop service. Thanks to its central location, NORDGATE is one of the strongest economic regions in Northern Germany, with above-average purchasing power. The economy in NORDGATE is modern, highly competitive and diversified. More than 230,000 well-qualified people live here.

NORDGATE is one of the biggest job markets in Schleswig-Holstein, with 86,000 employees and 8,200 enterprises. The NORDGATE partners are Neumünster, Bad Bramstedt, Kaltenkirchen, Henstedt-Ulzburg, Quickborn and Norderstedt.

We offer real estate in the Hamburg metropolitan region.


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