Rostock Business

Hanseatic city of Rostock
Rostock is the centre point of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern - precisely where the axes of the Berlin-Copenhagen and Hamburg-Stettin routes meet. With a modern sea port, airport and excellent transport connections, Rostock is a multi-mode transport hub.
From here, rapid and above all short routes are guaranteed, whether to the markets in Scandinavia or in Eastern, Western and Southern Europe. The central location enables low forwarding and distribution costs, making the international hub a highly attractive commercial location.

Rostock Business and Technology Development GmbH
Rostock Business is the intermediary between business and the city, the partner of local companies, and the marketer of the city on a national and international level.
Investors get access to competent and professional services focusing on Rostock as business location.

Rostock Business fosters companies from the very first step, assisting in the settlement of business and beyond.

Rostock Business supports personnel recruitment and coordination with authorities as well as banks.

Rostock Business backs enterprises with approval management and determination of ideal location.

Rostock Business connects potential investors with research institutions, co-operation partners and distribution partners.
Rostock Business links companies with national and international networks.


Rostock Business and Technology Development GmbH
Schweriner Str. 10/11
18069 Rostock
Phone:  + 49 (0) 381-37719-10
Fax: + 49 (0) 381-377 19-19