Company health promotion

A healthy workforce as the key to success

A healthy working atmosphere, ergonomic workplaces and preventive, health-friendly processes and measures make every company more successful. This is why LIHH supports the introduction and further development of company health management with the round table "Healthy Logistics". This brings numerous advantages for companies, such as lower absenteeism and higher performance of employees as well as a better image both internally and externally.

Within the framework of the project, which was initially accompanied by the Fürstenberg Institute, member companies exchanged views on health hazards and preventive measures on several occasions. These meetings were moderated by health experts. Possible building blocks, aids and partners were also presented, especially for smaller companies. Important results are now summarised in this hand-out, which was prepared by the LIHH with the support of the Kaufmännische Krankenkasse (KKH). It is a first impulse for action for logistics companies in the Hamburg metropolitan region and was presented at the press conference for the 2018 general meeting.

The handout is in the handy DIN A 4 format and is a first food for thought on the subject. You can find it here in the download area.


A clear advantage for all involved

What advantages does the BGF offer the company?

What advantages does the BGF offer the employees?

What are the special challenges?

How does BGF become successful?

Who can support?

The target group of the handouts are mainly small and medium-sized logistics companies that have only dealt with the topic in isolated cases. It serves to arouse interest and to give first impulses for an own occupation with the topic workplace health promotion.


Format: DIN A4

Scope: 4 pages

Publication date: 2018 (press conference for the general meeting)

Price: free of charge

With KKH - Kaufmännische Krankenkasse we have an expert in the network that offers special offers for workplace health promotion. Together we regularly conduct workshops for member companies. Do you have a specific topic within the BGF that you would like to get to know better? Feel free to contact us!


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