IRMA – Logistik Roadmap

Making innovations visible and plannable for KMU

The Innovationsroadmap

In 2018, LIHH launched the IRMA innovation roadmap, a permanent process to identify and generate new innovative projects and ideas. Together with its members, the scientific community, administration and under the guidance of professional coaches and consultants from the LIHH network, we are committed to regularly generating innovative impulses for the logistics industry in the Hamburg metropolitan region.


IRMA Webversion

LIHH members will find here (after login) an overview of all current and planned innovation projects in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. You are not yet a member, you are a student or a representative of the press? Please contact us for access.


Video guide to the innovation roadmap (in german)

IRMA updates

IRMA is not a static document. IRMA is regularly updated in cooperation with the logistics professorship, which the LIHH created together with KLU. New ideas (e.g. generated at LIHH events) or approved projects (by members, the LIHH and others) find access. In addition, the periods of action are continuously reviewed.


Do you have questions or would you like to bring your projects to IRMA? Then please contact us directly.


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