Logistics Detectives

Our young talents of tomorrow

"When I grow up, I want to be a logistics expert"! The smallest of us already have wishes and concrete ideas about their dream job. This project was initiated in cooperation with the KITA Träger Wabe e.V. (KITA Carrier Wabe) in order to convey the importance of logistics and the job descriptions behind it in a simple and playful way together with the pre-school children. In this way we would like to create and confirm positive experiences for the preschool children.

With the Logistics Detectives, the Logistics Initiative is following on from this. With curiosity and amazement, preschoolers discover the real logistics environment. With the help of a joint excursion to a logistics company in the area, they set out on a search for the meaning of logistics for themselves and look over the shoulders of people who perform various activities in this industry. The emphasis is on trial and error. Sitting behind the wheel of a truck is something everyone wants to do at least once - and it should be tried out. And because dangers can lurk everywhere, it is shown in a playful but understanding way how to behave safely in traffic when you see these big trucks. Such a blind spot suddenly comes to life.


You would like to have the Logistics Detectives do research in your company or are interested in the project to support it? Please contact us directly!



KITA Träger Wabe e.V.