BMBF project within the framework of "Innovationsforen Mittelstand

WiNDroVe - Economic use of drones in a metropolitan region

The network project "WiNDroVe" dealt with chances and potentials, but also with the challenges of a commercial use of so-called Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

The project itself is completed. However, the WiNDroVe network established as part of the project is still active.

Project period: May 2017 - January 2018

Funding program: The project was co-financed by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) within the program "Innovationsforen Mittelstand".

The ZAL TechCenter as network coordinator was used as a neutral platform.


The aim of the project was to analyse the conditions for the use of autonomous flight devices in metropolitan regions and to find practical solutions for integration into an already strongly developed transport network of shipping, aviation and rail traffic as well as for official regulations, especially regarding air traffic. As a project partner, the Logistics Initiative Hamburg was part of the WiNDroVe project.

UAS, colloquially known as drones, are to be used primarily in urban areas to carry out transport tasks faster, more cost-effectively and more safely in the future. Their use is therefore being considered above all for time-critical applications such as the transport of blood or tissue samples. However, the use of UAS is also being considered in other areas to make services and products such as surveying, security and surveillance tasks, filming and photography even more efficient.

The WiNDroVe Innovationsforum Mittelstand has established important contacts in workshops and conferences over a period of 9 months, discussed business ideas and models and analysed and developed market opportunities for drone based air traffic. A WiNDroVE network of stakeholders from economy, science and administration was established, which is still active after the end of the project and exchanges information and experiences on the topic of Urban Air Mobility.