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The Logistics Initiative Hamburg e.V.

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In accordance with its statutes, LIHH e.V. holds an Annual General Meeting once a year. Here, the members learn from the board and the management what concrete developments have taken place in the previous year, what projects have been realised and initiated and what the results of the annual member survey were.

One company representative from each member company is entitled to participate, each with one vote. Use your vote and don't miss the next general meeting in 2022! All information and the invitation will be sent to the voting members by email.

The next General Assembly is scheduled for 02nd of May 2022.

Last members meeting

The 15th Annual General Meeting of Logistik-Initiative Hamburg e.V. took place on 30 September 2021. Due to the pandemic situation, the event was organised digitally and transmitted via live stream from the Digital Hub Logistics Hamburg.

At the digital general meeting, a new board of directors was unanimously elected for the privately run association Logistik-Initiative Hamburg (LIHH e.V.). After 15 years as chairman of the board and founding member of the association, Prof. Dr. Peer Witten did not stand for re-election to the board. Witten's decision not to serve on the board for another three years is part of a planned handover of his voluntary activities at Logistik-Initiative Hamburg.

Manuela Herbort,Holger Scheemann and Kerstin Wendt-Heinrich stood for re-election. With Dr. Peter Bielert and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kersten, two new candidates for a seat on the board also stood for election. All candidates were unanimously elected to the Board for the next three years.

As a member, you can find the minutes and the overall presentation in the restricted members' area.

Would you like to host a general meeting and/or host the reception? Then please contact Stefanie Giesenkirchen at any time.



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