Ladies Logistics Lounge

What is the "Ladies Logistics Lounge" (LLL)?

A logistics event for female specialists and managers from the industry - this was a somewhat unusual but very resonant event to which the Hamburg regional group of the Federal Logistics Association (BVL) in cooperation with the Logistics Initiative Hamburg, the Ministry of Economics, Transport and Innovation and the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce had invited on 10 June 2010 on the premises of Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG. This event marked the birth of the "Ladies Logistics Lounge", a networking event on current key topics in an interactive format, usually held once a quarter.

Are you a female professional or manager who is involved in logistics issues? Wonderful, then simply send an informal e-mail to Mr Jan Ellerhusen, BeraCom GmbH & Co. KG (e-mail:, phone: +49 40 547 241-38) and ask to be included in the Ladies Logistics Lounge distribution list.

The idea for Ladies Logistics Lounge was conceived by Britta Kahlfuss, Managing Director of BeraCom GmbH & Co. KG and former spokeswoman of the Hamburg regional group of BVL.

Our member BeraCom is planning the events together with the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, the Ministry of Economics, Transport and Innovation and Logistics Initiative Hamburg e.V.

Your contact persons:


  • Christine Beine, Hamburg Cruise Net e.V., Geschäftsführerin, Tel.: 040 /300 51 390, E-Mail:
  • Britta Kahlfuss, BeraCom GmbH & Co. KG, Geschäftsführerin, Tel.: 040 / 54 72 41 77,  E-Mail:
  • Carmen Schmidt, Logistik Initiative Hamburg Management GmbH, Geschäftsführerin, Tel.: 040 / 22 70 19 25, E-Mail:
  • Dr. Nadja Hammami, Behörde für Wirtschaft und Innovation, Leitung Referat Logistik, Tel.: 040 / 42841-1389, E-Mail:
  • Anja Zarse, Handelskammer Hamburg, Referentin des Geschäftsbereichs Nachhaltigkeit und Mobilität, Tel.: 040 / 36 138 591, E-Mail:

You have an idea for a venue and/or a theme?

Any time, just get in touch with us (see above)! The Ladies Logistics Lounge should be developed further from among the participants! We are currently planning for 2022 and 2023.