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Ideas have to fly - this is the only way for companies in the logistics industry to surpass themselves in the digital upheaval. A hotspot that provides the necessary impetus is located in the Speicherstadt Hamburg. Initiated and implemented in 2016 by the Logistics Initiative and the Hamburg Ministry of Economic Affairs, Transport and Innovation, the Digital Hub Logistics Hamburg brings together market leaders, small and medium-sized enterprises, start-ups and science at Northern Europe's leading logistics location. The Digital Hub thereby strengthens Hamburg's leading position and offers various interest groups an excellent ecosystem for central topics of digitization in the logistics industry. In addition, the Digital Hub Logistics Hamburg draws on the network of the De:Hub Initiative with over 300 start-ups and 70 companies, thus also supporting digitization "made in Germany" throughout Germany.

Network support as a foundation: In Hamburg, the Digital Hub has been deliberately designed to be close to the company. A neutral location has been created where companies can find expertise and support in order to master the digital challenges, especially in the development of new business models.

The Logistics Initiative Hamburg (LIHH) provides network, knowledge and contacts. It is a founding shareholder of the Digital Hub in 2017 and currently holds 60 percent of the company shares with its Service GmbH. The Hamburg Ministry of Economics and Innovation (BWI) has also been on board as a shareholder of the hub since December 2018 (40 percent). Both are actively supporting the hub, primarily through their accesses and networks.

The three pillars:

The Digital Hub's current 40 start-ups bring fresh ideas and innovations for various logistics challenges. To become part of the hub community, the Digital Hub offers various membership packages that specifically address the needs of the start-ups. These can include an attractive coworking workplace as well as access to exclusive events.

Established companies from the logistics and IT sectors seek to exchange information and contribute their market knowledge and other expertise. Our corporate partners include Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) and Hamburg Port Authority (HPA), Lufthansa Industry Solutions, the trading companies Gebrüder Heinemann and Tchibo, Volkswagen Group Logistics, the consulting company Ingenics, RIO, the innovative shipping companies Auerbach and NSB, the data specialist Dakosy and Stadtreinigung Hamburg.

The scientific side is represented by various institutes and networks, such as the Ahoi Digital Network as a cross-university alliance for computer science, the Fraunhofer Center for Maritime Logistics and Services, the Chair of Technical Logistics at the TU Hamburg, the University of Applied Sciences and the Helmut Schmidt University.

The Digital Hub not only offers unique event formats for exchange between established companies, young start-ups, politics and science, but also promotes the joint development of new digital product and service solutions for logistics. In addition to content exchange and networking (Co-work and Co-nnect), the focus is thus also on the initiation of cooperative innovation projects (Co-Create).

To this end, the Digital Hub offers regular formats and tailor-made workshops on site as well as international market exploration trips:

Weekly Hubup

Ideas are expressed openly, trial and error is allowed. The goal of our weekly "Hubups" is to openly present ideas and solutions and to discuss them together within the hub community. Startups, partners or idea contributors bring a core impulse.

Monthly Meetup

Our monthly meetup at the Digital Hub/Meethub provides insight into various areas of digital logistics. Every third Thursday of the month, we invite our 600 Meetup members to a Meetup event, an impulse from startups, companies or business angels. Over a cold beer, we promote the exchange of content and networking.

Conversation in the memory

Twice a year, high-ranking speakers from business and politics come to the Speicher and give selected guests from the logistics sector an exclusive insight into digital issues.

Tailored Workshops

For our corporate partners, the Digital Hub designs tailor-made workshops & trainings. These workshops address digital challenges, define problems and test business models.

International Travel

You want to know which topics and solutions are emerging in relation to digital transformation in Tallinn, Tel Aviv or Shenzhen? Then join us on our annual market exploration trips!

Innovation Dock

The Hamburg Innovation Dock (HID) takes companies from regular exchange to actual doing. Whether with other logistics partners or even across industries: we are convinced that the next digital quantum leaps can no longer be achieved alone, but only together. With the Hamburg Innovation Dock, the digital hub brings together movers, shapers and visionaries of logistics to develop solution concepts for current digital problems and initiate new cooperation projects.

lab mates

In order to exploit new ideas, we offer companies access to various labs through our excellent scientific network, such as the OpenLab at Helmut Schmidt University.

Especially in times of digitalisation, a physical meeting place is essential. A place where start-ups, companies and science can meet at eye level, exchange ideas, create solutions and make important new contacts. Are you interested in participating in the Digital Hub? Use our LIHH network service and benefit from attractive conditions!



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