Intelligent infrastructure & land use

Innovative concepts for an efficient and sustainable infrastructure

Hamburg becomes a model region for urban logistics solutions

With the aim of establishing Hamburg as a model region for urban logistics solutions, we support and accompany the development of concepts for the intelligent use of infrastructures through traffic control and management and promote the economic development of the metropolitan region through new real estate and area concepts. We are committed to bringing logistics and mobility together.

The ITS Network Management Office, takes care of the realization and implementation of the Hamburg ITS strategy in the network at economy and companies. To this end, we link and support companies in the implementation of their projects and integrate science and research. We help you to coordinate funding opportunities, subsidies and all-important contacts in order to develop concrete projects from your ideas.

Various project approaches have already been developed in collaboration with the private sector and are being implemented in cooperation with the ITS network. At our annual ITS Hackathon, we also work together with innovative and creative lateral thinkers on the digitalisation of transport and develop new approaches and programmes. In the ITS Dialogue Forums, which take place three times a year, we inform all interested parties about current activities and developments on the way to the ITS World Congress 2021 in Hamburg, present innovative projects in a World Café and give impulses on current ITS topics.

A functioning and available infrastructure is of great importance for a positive development of the logistics sector and thus of the logistics location. This applies to transport routes as well as the availability of commercial space, which is the central criterion in the location decisions of logistics companies. In particular, the development of intelligent urban logistics solutions is becoming increasingly important. In the future, transport routes and logistics real estate must be used as economically and efficiently as possible, the potential for space must be increased and the conversion of (open) spaces previously used for other purposes must be promoted for use by urban logistics.

The aim of the LIHH's Logistics Real Estate Working Group is to discuss the interests of urban logistics with the real estate industry, to bundle these interests based on practical examples and to address them specifically to politics and administration. The consideration of logistics infrastructure in neighbourhood development, in housing construction and the implementation of innovative solutions for inner-city micro-hub locations are particularly in focus.

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