Welcome on board

On-boarding for our new members

A direct and barrier-free access to our network

Once a year, we invite our new members and existing members who have undergone a change of contact to present our portfolio to you in a clear manner and in personal exchange. Through this direct exchange, our members are shown how they can use the network and our LIHH offers and services effectively.

Get to know the respective contact persons in our subject areas and find direct points of contact! Several persons per member company are welcome to participate. Your competencies, activities and ideas - we would like to get to know you!


Bring your ideas and questions

The on-boarding is intended to get to know each other and to find common starting points for projects, cooperations and the like. We are always happy to take up new topics and identify partners for joint activities with you. Questions about how you can best get involved in the network are also answered here.


Don´t forget to network

As the largest network of locations in the industry, we naturally always bear the networking idea in mind and offer a lot of scope for networking among the participants within the framework of on-boarding.


Exclusive invitations to on-boarding are sent out by e-mail every six months for new members who have joined us in the corresponding period.

Existing members who need a little refresher are of course also welcome! Please register proactively with Stefanie Giesenkirchen if required.