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With the aim of securing and qualifying skilled workers for the logistics industry, we are driving forward the securing and expansion of the skilled worker base in the metropolitan region, taking into account demographic change and the digital transformation. We show possibilities how employers can create an attractive environment and thus contribute to a positive image of logistics.


We put logistics back on the "map" in career orientation for school leavers and prospective students. With a holistic concept of projects and communication, we help the business community to reach the appropriate target group and to awaken interest in training or studying logistics. With our young talent brand "Logistik Lernen Hamburg", we offer the only location portal in Germany with extensive information on training and further education in logistics and study opportunities in the Hamburg metropolitan region.

With a presence at the most important trade fairs for career orientation, supplemented by the placement of relevant content on high-reach social media channels and cooperation with schools and universities and colleges, Logistik Learning enables us to address potential applicants in a targeted manner.

In addition, individual concrete measures have been developed to interest children and young people in the logistics industry ahead of time and to show them the broad spectrum of opportunities and the outstanding importance of the industry in their personal everyday lives. These goals are being pursued in concrete terms with the Logistics Youngsters, the first logistics profile class and the Logistics Detectives in the pre-school sector.


Together with business and public institutions, our measures pursue the goal of making logistics and its companies more attractive as employers for applicants. This is achieved on the one hand by means of an annual labour market monitoring as well as direct contact with applicants, as in the case of the logistics job exchange, and on the other hand through measures that represent added value for (future) employees, as the example of the KITA Wirbelkinder shows.

In addition, numerous activities are undertaken to inform the relevant experts from the network about current topics and trends, to exchange ideas and experiences and to teach them with regard to decisive methodological and leadership skills. Two working groups are offered for this purpose, the superordinate working group "Personnel and Qualification" and the topic-specific group with the focus on "Professional Drivers". Within the framework of the working group, all participants have the opportunity to bring in their wishes, interests and suggestions in order to strengthen the local Hamburg labour market for logistics in its dynamics. In addition to the exchange, joint activities are also promoted and developed. One example of this is the initiative that is unique in Germany: Hamburg says thank you!



Another important component for us is personnel development. In times of demographic change, advancing digitalization and technological progress, we are keen to rethink and redesign tasks and development requirements in the field of logistics. On the one hand, it is a matter of designing company processes that are appropriate to the age and health of the employees. This includes the promotion of working time flexibility with the help of our own studies at the Hamburg site, the strengthening of company health promotion with information handouts, as well as ensuring the transfer of experience and knowledge and the further development of methods and skills.

To this end, we have set up event formats such as the "Logistics After Work", where member companies can share their knowledge on current issues in the field of human resources and qualification and exchange it with other interested parties, or the Round Table on Healthy Logistics, which offers focused assistance on occupational health management.

With the series of events in the "innovate me", with the support of experts from our network, not only the exchange of experience but also trying things out and experiencing is offered. The focus is on relevant management methods, creativity techniques, agile innovation development, and project management skills.


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