Project development

We get projects off the ground together

We want to contribute to establishing Hamburg as the leading innovative logistics region in Europe. As a catalyst, initiator, operator and manager of innovation projects, we increase the innovative power of our network and thus your added value and sustainability.

Thanks to our broad-based network, we are a trendsetter and know the issues that move logistics.

And: As a network we believe in the common cause. That's why we want to promote cooperation projects, improve the quality of our members' cooperation and benefit from it together.

We launch projects together - as an innovation cluster we want to advance your ideas, your topics and your innovations. Whether it's just an initial idea or just a missing partner for your mature project idea - the Logistics Initiative Hamburg provides support in concretizing, elaborating and networking.

In combination with our competence in the field of funding, we find the best way to implement your idea. As a member of the Logistics Initiative Hamburg, we are happy to support you in your search for suitable funding - the initial consultation is even free of charge for members!

As the largest institutionalised logistics cluster in Europe, we have a strong network at our side. Whether SME, service provider, industry, university or start-up - we find the right partners for your project idea.


In projects with several project partners, it can make sense to have a neutral third party on board who acts as a mediator between actors, who "translates" between scientists and logistics experts and who ensures neutral and professional project management. The Logistics Initiative Hamburg is also available for this purpose.

By the way: no publicly funded project can do without project communication and result dissemination. As a network with over 550 member companies, we are the perfect multiplier for this.

As a logistics innovation cluster, project work and coordination is our DNA. No matter whether innovation, sustainability, transport or human resources issues, our project managers do exactly that: they manage your project.

Some references of the past years:

  • Retrofitting brakes of VPI member companies for noise reduction (project management subsidies)
  • VTG Rail Europe status oriented and predictive maintenance (project management subsidies)
  • HANSEBLOC - Hanseatic block chain innovations for logistics and supply chain (overall project coordination & management)
  • LL Brake Blocks TRANSWAGGON (Project Management Subsidies)
  • Retrofitting brakes of VTG Rail Europe rail cars to LL brake blocks (Project management subsidies)
  • Start-up Logistik Radar (project management)

You have a project idea or are looking for suitable partners for your project? You need support in the area of project coordination & management or simply have questions about our services? Then you are welcome to contact us!