Logistics Networks

Exchange between district administration and logistics companies

With the format of "District Logistics Networks", the Logistics Initiative Hamburg promotes the exchange of information between logistics companies and between them and the district administrations. The meetings, which take place every four months at a host company, are organised jointly with the district authorities.

The network events are seen as platforms for exchanging information about current developments at the location in the district. Companies can discuss local problems with the administrative experts and discuss ideas, suggestions for improvement and projects. This increases on the one hand the identification of the companies with their respective district and on the other hand the administration's understanding of the logistics sector.

The Company Network-Allermöhe (UNA)

A joint project of the Bergedorf district, the economic and city marketing for the Bergedorf region e.V. (ECB) and the Logistics Initiative Hamburg. The focus of the network is the discussion of ideas, suggestions and projects to improve the location Allermöhe and thus the location conditions of local companies. The aim is to strengthen the identification of the companies and the administration with the (logistics) location.

The topics dealt with are not only of a logistical nature, but are of interest to companies from all economic sectors in the industrial estate. The name "company network" and the main topics underline the open and cross-sectoral character of this platform. These are among others:

  • Traffic, parking
  • Public transport connection
  • Security (Guard)
  • Social issues (childcare, canteen)
  • Education/Qualification

Since 2009, the Bergedorf Logistics Network has existed under the leadership of the Bergedorf district and the Logistics Initiative Hamburg as a platform for logistics-related companies from industry, trade and services, representatives of affected institutions and the district administration in Bergedorf. Since then, regular meetings have been held to promote the exchange of information about current developments at the location and to discuss local problems, challenges and enquiries.

The network has been repositioned in 2015 and with ECB (the economic and city marketing for the Bergedorf region e.V. ) has gained another cooperation partner. The renaming at that time to "CNA“ The Company Network Allermöhe" is part of the cross-sectoral, open orientation.

Your company is located in the Allermöhe area and is interested in the network? Or would you like to host a meeting? Please feel free to contact us.

You are located in a district that also has the prerequisites for an active logistics network and would like to have more exchange? Then please contact us to establish a new network for a regional exchange.