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Making new technologies available to SME

On the pulse of digitization

The do.innovation conference of the Logistics Initiative Hamburg (LIHH) makes innovations tangible. Innovative technologies and projects are presented in compact form - from the network for the network. The focus here is particularly on the potential and opportunities for small and medium-sized companies. 

Do.innovation takes up impulses from the annual logistics bar camp (open.innovation) and introduces the network of the Logistics Initiative Hamburg to new topics together with external experts. Occasionally, the LIHH also focuses on its own project topics at the conference, which are further sharpened together with the logistics industry. 

do.innovation 2020: Blockchain for and by SME (completion of HANSEBLOC)

Since 2018, ten members of the Logistics Initiative Hamburg have been researching the use of block chain technology for medium-sized businesses. At do.innovation 2020, four logistics service providers, four IT companies and two universities will report on the conclusion of the HANSEBLOC project, which was funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research with 1.8 million euros as part of the KMU-NetC program.

In addition to the structure and function of the HANSEBLOC platform, reports will be given on the transport accounts, smart contracts and sensors developed specifically for the requirements of the logistics industry. Under the heading "Governance", the participants also dealt with the question of how and whether an ecosystem can be created from the platform.

In a panel moderated by Chainstep, Christian Schultze-Wolters, Business Unit Manager IBM Blockchain Solutions DACH at IBM Deutschland GmbH, discussed the topic "TradeLens and HANSEBLOC - How can medium-sized businesses benefit from the Blockchain?" with representatives of the consortium.

Connection with the Innovation Roadmap (IRMA)
HANSEBLOC and other innovation projects from the Hamburg Metropolitan Region can be found on the LIHH Innovation Roadmap, which is updated annually with the support of the Logistics Department.

Companies, universities, media and start-ups find valuable impulses with the innovation roadmap.
Further information can be found here.

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do.innovation: Blockchain für und von KMU (HANSEBLOC-Abschlusskonferenz)
When: 26.11.2020 at 9:00 a.m.
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HANSEBLOC Deep Dive: Blockchain
When: 10.12.2020 at 9:30 am
Where: Virtual

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