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Clean Air Immediate Action Program

Networking of transport systems

The aim of the project is the intelligent networking of free environmental, mobility and traffic data with data from transport management systems of service providers in the logistics and transport sector (groupage freight) as well as loading companies on the basis of software-supported interfaces as well as a matching module, in order to achieve an optimization of planning processes and the use of resources for the logistics companies as a result.

The networking of transport systems offers the possibility to bring selected information to a level of transparency, which enables transport service providers for general cargo and loading companies to make more intelligent decisions in the design of scheduling, transport and storage processes and thus to achieve more efficient and environmentally friendly logistics. In addition to immediate economic effects, a contribution is made to the reduction of congestion and waiting times as well as noise and pollutant emissions and thus the general improvement of the traffic situation and quality of life.

Project period: March 2020 - February 2022

Funding program: The project is part of the immediate program "Clean Air 2017 - 2020" - Digitization of Municipal Transport Systems of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI).

In order to achieve the project goal of an overall more efficient and environmentally friendly logistics chain, the first step is to identify the company-specific requirements and needs for digitized transport system networking and synchronization of data modules.

In the second step, the interface-based transport system networking and dynamic route and tour planning will be tested and analyzed in a pilot operation via a matching module between the project partners of the supply chain and selected, freely available environmental, traffic and transport data of the Urban Data Platform of the City of Hamburg. The pilot operation will be accompanied and evaluated in a close monitoring.

Finally, an evaluation of the roll-out to other commercial transports as well as the technical transfer into a broadly effective release version accessible for the entire commercial transport in the Urban Data Platform of the City of Hamburg will be carried out.

The project is not yet completed. Project results will be published here after completion of the project.


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