SMILE - Smart Last Mile Logistics

The last mile thought smart

SMILE- Smart Last Mile Logistics is a joint project of the Logistics Initiative Hamburg and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Transport and Innovation with the aim of establishing the city of Hamburg as a model region for a sustainable and stress-reducing "supply of the last mile" through intelligent and innovative concepts for inner-city deliveries.


Background of the project

The inner city logistics of the future will be clean, quiet and efficient. It is not only logistics service providers that have benefited from the growth rates in e-commerce in recent years, new jobs are being created and established mail order companies, but also young start-up companies are hoping for increases in turnover and profits. With trading companies such as the Otto Group, Tchibo and Globetrotter, Hamburg is an important location for online trading. At the same time, this development also brings with it challenges. The negative effects of flourishing e-commerce are particularly noticeable to citizens in the form of increased traffic volume and traffic congestion caused by stopped delivery vehicles in the second row, as well as rising noise and pollutant emissions.


Concept and project groups

This is where the SMILE project comes in. In close cooperation with the Ministry of Economics and Innovation (BWI) and the various CEP service providers and start-ups, ideas and intelligent concepts are developed and the first pilot projects are launched.

In order to establish a model region, strong partners from the private sector and the public sector are needed, who will be involved in the work from the very beginning. In addition to parcel service providers, these include representatives of business interests (HK Hamburg, EH associations, the German Federal Association of International Express and Courier Services (BIEK), the actors united in Business Improvement Districts (BID)) as well as science and research.

In order to successfully implement the project goals, the project groups shown in the following diagram were formed. The goal is to work out current and future challenges and to identify possible solutions. The Logistics Initiative Hamburg, together with the BWVI, has taken over the project management as a neutral body in order to bring all actors together and to moderate solution processes up to the pilot project which can be approved.


A further goal which is pursued is the communication of the project ideas to the public, because without the acceptance of the population a successful implementation of innovative concepts is not possible.

Every company is invited to participate in the project groups. Please contact us!

The final report Last Mile Logistics - Innerstädtische Zustelllogistik for the evaluation of the UPS model project can be found in the download area.

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